About Himalayan Yoga Retreat


About Himalayan Yoga Retreat

Welcome to Himalayan Yoga Retreat

Himalayan Yoga Retreat (HYR) is an authentic guided retreat opportunity for the sincere seeker in the powerful Himalayan region by Swami Rakesh. A hub for authentic spiritual practice, transformation teaching and research into ancient techniques of self-exploration, HYR delivers 200 Hours and 500 Hours of Yoga Alliance certified teacher-training courses, retreats and nature treks, guided meditations, chanting, prayer and healing sessions.

The Himalayan region is considered a deity in the Hindu pantheon, and is empowered to support spiritual practices. The adage “less is more” holds true here.

Graduating Class of 2022 of “The Himalayan Yoga Retreat” at Rishikesh with Revered Swami Rakesh ji on the Bank of Blessed River Ganges in the Himalayas

“Just as the difference between a living and a dead person is felt immediately, so it is with the Himalayas. Its vibration gives a natural push to spiritual development”.

- Swami Rakesh

Why choose us..

Join us in the sacred Himalayan mountains of Rishikesh, India for an holistic and transformative experience of yoga, meditation, and spiritual discovery. Your journey begins with the Himalayan spiritual master Swami Rakesh, who has spent 14 years following the path of India’s ancient yogi masters learning techniques of meditation and yoga. At a young age he spent four winters of solitude in a remote cave deep in the Himalayas, overcoming fear and ego through extreme tests of survival and courage.

Himalayan Yoga Retreat offers a unique experience for the sincere spiritual seeker, with 200, 300, and 500 hour Yoga Alliance certified Yoga Teacher Training courses, Reiki level I-III certification, and 5 to 15 day yoga and meditation retreats. During your stay with us you can enhance your spiritual development and experience through optional treatments, including ayuvedic doctor consultations, emotional blockage treatments, and Reiki healing.

Our Mission..

Himalayan Yoga Retreat is dedicated to offering sincere inspiration and guidance to striving spiritual aspirants in today’s complicated modern times, and employs a diverse array of techniques to suit varied personality types and backgrounds. A portion of the profits from Himalayan Yoga Retreat goes to supporting the education of young girls in rural Indian villages, giving them the tools to manifest success in their lives and become a source of inspiration in their villages.

Swami Rakesh hopes to spread the yogic wisdom and practices he has learned over the years around the world, to help motivate and inspire people to change their lives that may not have the opportunity to come and learn directly from him in India. If you are interested in helping Himalayan Yoga Retreat provide support to rural Indian villages or want to help Swami spread the ancient yogic knowledge and practices through hosting him in your home country.

Rooms & Food during the course

Himalayan Yoga Retreat is conveniently located in the banks of sacred river Ganga (Ganges) and has a separate building where Yoga course is imparted and has rooms for the students to stay during the course. The rooms are simple yet comfortable with basic amenities. One can choose single room or a shared room (subject to prior booking) . Our course is a completely residential course and includes clean and comfortable accommodation within the school premise as well as breakfast, lunch, and dinner prepared with homemade style and holistic foods. All provisions are mindful of the yogic requirements of our budding yogis.