Emotional Blockage Chakra Treatment

Emotional Blockage Chakra Treatment

Emotional Blockage Chakra Treatment

Body and mind governed by willing temperamental- willing temperamental, filling temperamental and knowing temperamental, These 3 temperamental highly connected our conscious to sub conscious mind. According to temperamental conscious continuously taking impression from the objects, situations, circumstances and surrounding. All kind of the impression located in our sub conscious mind in the 3 way draw the line on the rock & that impression.

In electronic age we are taking so many impression knowing unknowingly & some our heavy & negative impression start to disturb our psyche as well as our psychological organs of the body So, Therefore, It will help with anxiety, trauma, stress, fear, anger, too much thinking, lack of focus, imbalances of immune system, emotional imbalance, insomnia, dreaming, sadness, irritation, depression and memory loss.

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Modern medical science still not discovered how to overcome negative impression from our sub conscious mind. Psychiatrists using some medicine to suppress the disease, not to erase or not to cure that. Indian rishis given the many way how to overcome these kinds of emotional blockage by taking the therapy from the authentic scholars. These day every walk of life people teaching & using therapy. So half learning & half teaching going in this world. His holiness Swami Prakash learnt from the Himalayas Zone & developed his own technique for this modern age & this is very effective to heal your physical, emotional and mental body.

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