Our Yoga Teachers


Our Yoga Teachers

Swami Prakash Bharti - Spiritual Guru & Founder Himalayan Yoga Retreat

Swami Prakash Bharti – founder of Himalayan Yoga Retreat, founded this yoga retreat center based upon his knowledge & inspiration of almost 14 years of vigorous, first-hand and unique spiritual escapades in the high mountains / Himalayas of North India. The Himalayas gave him shelter for these years when he renounced his home and family at a tender age of 12 to follow the path of spirituality. Following the footsteps & practices of ancient yogis, he spent years alone, in a cave at 16,500 ft over 40 feet of snow, to do intense practices.

For several years, he walked barefoot through dense jungles, stayed in natural shelters, went without food or water for days on end, and overcame the fear of natural forces and wildlife. While traversing the Himalayas, he got initiated from many Himalayan masters and filters this rare knowledge into his individualized teaching, and therapeutic healing methods.

Himalayan Yoga Retreat (HYR) is an authentic guided retreat opportunity for the sincere seeker in the powerful Himalayan region by Swami Prakash. A hub for authentic spiritual practice, transformation teaching, and research into ancient techniques of self-exploration.

“First choice is for students to find mental and physical peace, to be fulfilled and happy, and on the search for the great spirit inside and all around.”

– Swami Prakash Bharti

Swami Rakesh

Swami Rakesh, is a well known Spiritual teacher from India. He has deep understanding about Spirituality, Reiki, Eastern and Western philosophy, Meta Physics, Physcho-physics, tantra shastra, kundalini yoga etc.

Over the years, he has taught many of his disciples about ways to manage Physical – Mental – Astral Stress, mood swings, insomnia, insecurity, frustration, loneliness, depression, anxiety, phobia etc.

He has designed techniques, which help a person to live more efficiently and effectively in a society. His techniques and his knowledge of Vedic sciences, help people to remain calm in there day to day life. You are suggested to come and take this opportunity to transform yourself through the path of spirituality.

Rakesh Shah

Rakesh is from the background of science – technology. His subjects were Anatomy, Physiology, naturopathy and Ayurveda. Rakesh believes that ancient Ayurveda is the knowledge, using it everyone can get the healthy body and calm mind. Ayurveda and others related subjects were originated in India so the best place to learn yoga anatomy, physiology and Ayurveda is India. Rakesh is a very practical teacher not just because of science background but also he has some unique experience of his teaching, he has 3years of experience.

His achievements :

  • Diploma in Anatomy & Physiology(Anand Institute, Hyderabad) and
  • Diploma in Ayurveda
  • Diploma in Yoga and Naturopathy (Gurukul Kangri,Haridwar)
  • Diploma in Yoga (Uttarakhand University).

His inspiration quote is: Scan your body joining the course, get print out of bad things and recover it by yourself after learning.

Deepak Rawat

Deeepak rawat is the well experienced and professional yoga instructor of himalayan yoga retreat. He is one of the best teacher of hatha and astanga we have in rishikesh. He bond and brought up in rishikesh the yoga capital of the world. He has been practicing yoga since the age of 18.

He started his yoga journey as a demostrator after that he completed his pg-diploma in yogic science from pt. Lms autonomous pg college rishikesh. According to him yoga is the part of life, it’s a tool for relaxation and happiness also it’s us organise way live healthy life.


She is professional experience hatha yoga teacher. She is born and brought up in Rishikesh. Being born and raised in a spiritually well-established family in Rishikesh, Geeta’s upbringing was instilled with all the values and teachings of Hatha yoga.

The spiritual & Yogic environment of her surroundings helped her in her Yogic studies and was the greatest motivation behind her pursuing the path of Yoga at such a juvenile phase of her life. She wants to inspire people to learn yoga as well as the beauty of yoga.

She has done master of yoga (M.A) course from uttrakhand sanskrit University (Haridwar). She has also done 3 month Iyengar yoga course in Rishikesh.she believe that yoga increase flexibility physical and mentally yoga is known for its ability to ease stress and promote relaxation

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